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IT infrastructure

Whether switches, hubs, routers, access points or Power over Ethernet. We are happy to advise or plan the implementation or adaptation of your IT infrastructure. From many years of experience in setting up networks, as well as sourcing from an extensive portfolio of reliable vendors, we can offer you a range of outstanding products.

We provide you with technical high-quality components for the architecture of your networks. In this way, you benefit from fast and, above all, reliable data transmission, which is the basis for unhindered IT operations in your enterprise. Ultimately, as THS, we take care of everything from the delivery of the active components to the installation and acceptance of the entirely renewed network.

IT Security

Your data network is an important foundation of your business. With numerous users and third-party systems interacting with each other, the IT Security of your network is a complex and above all important task. Configuring and managing network security is a task that requires professional expertise.

As an external service provider, we secure them against digital threats such as viruses, cyber vandalism and also industrial espionage. Especially in times when companies make intensive use of mobile devices and cloud solutions, protecting large amounts of data within their network, which can and must be accessed at any time, is becoming increasingly complex and critical. The best possible security to protect your network at the same time is indispensable. We are happy to advise you and implement IT Security that is tailored to your network.

Phone systems

If you are looking for a modern telephone system for your company, you will certainly come across the 3CX VoIP system.

The advantages of the 3CX system at a glance:

  • Always up to date VoIP phone systems
  • No need for a technician, as there is no physical system in the building
  • All the functions of a conventional telephone system can be used, tailored to the needs of your business
  • Suitable for any company size
  • Free phone calls between your locations
  • Smartphone app for calls and messenger chat systems

Cloud Services

Cloud applications are suitable for companies of all sizes. A cloud simplifies data management and offers options within a system to flexibly process files and information. The THS Cloud as a solution for companies of any size brings certain advantages with it:

  •     Cost advantage through flexible working
  •     Location-independent working
  •     Latest hardware / faster work processes

There are strict rules applied to data protection as well as archiving. The basis for these obligations is the european data protection act. Compared to THS cloud solutions, the large cloud providers usually do not comply with the European data protection rules. Their servers are often located outside Germany or even the EU and are therefore not subject to European data protection.

THS offers you a customised cloud solution in a German or Dutch TIER3 data centre.

Interface Programming

Do you need an interface to another system, a web shop or a web portal? With our comprehensive know-how, we can advise you professionally on the subject of interface solutions. We offer the following services:

  • Interfaces for merchandise management systems
  • Database interfaces
  • XML interfaces
  • APIs for your web service
  • Interfaces to web services

We carry out interface projects for our customers in various industries. Our development and design expertise results in user-friendly interfaces. We cover all aspects of interface programming: from the analysis of existing applications, the conceptional design up to the implementation of the interface.

Automated Infrastructure Management

An AIM (Automated Infrastructure Management) solution enables network operators to document patch field assignments in real time, plan patch procedures and control them visually. This AIM system creates increased security in data centres.

The advantages of this system are obvious:

  • Network visualisation
  • Smart Patching
  • System monitoring
  • Real-time view of your connections
  • Change management
  • Capacity management

THS excels in advising you on the use of hardware from the brand

FUTURE-PATCH® and software from our partner PATCH MANAGER. Together with your network administrators and your project managers, we plan your AIM solution and offer you service and support for hardware and software of this system from one source.

Data Center Design

Our planning services include:

  • Power supply, switchgear and electrical installations
    THS offers complete planning of power supply and electrical installations for data centers. Our planning services include transformer stations, low-voltage power supply systems, emergency power systems, UPS systems, distribution systems, etc.
  • Network infrastructure for data centers
    THS plans the network infrastructure for data centers. We try to find a sensible balance between the packing density of the connections and the operability of the network – data distribution cabinets, cable management systems, fibre ducting systems, PDUs and enclosures are also planned by us.
  • BMA & RAS systems
    THS offers the planning of fire alarm systems and early detection systems for data centers in cooperation with long-term partners.
  • Video surveillance and access control
    THS plans access control and locking systems for access doors and racks in cooperation with partners. Data centers or other buildings are planned by us with video surveillance systems on request.
  • Shielding, potential equalisation, lightning protection
    The implementation of a sensible shielding and earthing concept is a prerequisite for trouble-free operation.
  • Air conditioning
    When planning efficient data centers, air conditioning is of particular importance. THS advises you and plans data center air conditioning.